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First Time Deposit bonuses

Skrevet den 30-03-2012 07:49 af Webmaster

Most pokerrooms offer a First time Deposit Bonus, ranging anywhere from 10% to 999%, meaning that you will get a bonus of between $1 and $99 when making a deposit of $10.

<h2>Free money?</h2>

Unfortunately they don't come without strings attached since most pokerrooms require you to play a certain amount of <dfn title="Percentage the pokerroom collects from each pot, normally around 5-10%">rake</dfn>d hands to release the bonus, in other words you have to generate a certain revenue for the pokerroom before they give you anything. The requirements for releasing your bonus varies a lot, but basically all poker rooms operates some kind of player point system, where they give you between 1 and 7 points for each dollar rake you generate and when you have accumulated sufficient player points, you will get your bonus either as a lump sum or in small rates dependent on the pokerroom. Playing at very small stakes it can be very hard to accumulate sufficient points before the bonus expires and playing at higher stakes you take the risk of loosing your money very quickly especially when starting out. So the best FDB is not necessarily the biggest, but the one you stand the best chance of actually collecting.

<h2>Other bonuses</h2>

Apart from FDB some pokerrooms offer refill bonuses or monthly bonuses or just plain event related bonuses, but normally the same requirements will be applicable. Some sites actually offer to give you money with no strings attached if you have a special bonus code and some even will offer to give you a small amount without depositing anything, just to get you started.

<h2>Other intensives offered</h2>

A final thing I will mention about pokerrooms is a concept known as “rake-back”. Rake-back is an agreement the casino makes with you as a player to refund a percentage of the rake you generate. It ranges from 20% to 50% but those offering a high percentage normally have a lot of things they want to deduct before giving you the money. In general you can say that rake-back should be considered a good supplement to your poker income, but it should never decide where and how to play.


Bottom line thought, is that you shouldn't let the bonuses or any other incentives offered, decide your preferred pokerroom, but it can be a nice supplement to your bank roll when you are in the beginning phase of your poker life and even further along as the rake requirements gets easier to accomplish as you play at higher stakes tables.</p>