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Choosing a place to play, the “Poker Room”

Skrevet den 30-03-2012 07:38 af Webmaster

<p>When you decide to give online poker a go, your first task is to find a place to play, called a pokerroom. There are many similarities in the different pokerrooms, like you have to download their software, create an account and make a deposit before you can start to play, but some offer poker play without downloads and others have very strict requirements you need to meet before they let you play. There are quite many to choose from and there is a lot of factors to evaluate before making the decision.<nl><nl>

When you search for <a href="/?link=http://www.google.com/search?q=online+pokerrooms">“online pokerrooms”</a> on Google, you get more than 1,500,000 hits, most of which is sites referring to the actual pokerrooms. Each of those sites list what they consider the best deals, but you should be aware that they make money for referring new players, hence when they consider the "best deal" it will be from their perspective and not necessarily the best deal for you.<nl><nl>

When you decide to make a deposit and play for real money, you should consider the questions, like:


<ul><b><a href="/pokerrooms_trust">Which pokerrooms can be trusted?</a></b></ul>


<ul>Are your money safe?</ul>

<ul>Will they empty your credit card or bank account?</ul>

<ul>What payment options do they provide?</ul>

<ul>Are the pokerroom or some of the players cheating?</ul>


<ul><b><a href="/pokerrooms_bonuses">How do I optimize bonuses?</a></b></ul>


<ul>Who has the best First Time Deposit Bonus?</ul>

<ul>Do they offer additional bonus?</ul>

<ul>Can you get bonus without depositing?</ul>


<ul><b><a href="/pokerrooms_playing_options">What playing options do they provide?</a></b></ul>


<ul>What game types do they offer?</ul>

<ul>What stakes are offered?</ul>

<ul>What level of tournament entry fees can you choose from?</ul>

<ul>Do they offer free-rolls?</ul>

<ul>What is the level of the other players?</ul>


<h2>Where do I play?</h2>

I have my own preferences based on the above considerations and you can see <a href="/pokerrooms_personal">my personal preferences here</a>.</p>